Transair Slim-Fit AirCrew LifeJacket

Transair Slim-Fit AirCrew LifeJacket

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Unlike some cheaper, marine style lifejackets the newly upgraded Aircrew Slimfit Lifejacket has been designed particularly for General Aviation use in particular for use in light aircraft, where there is confined space of the cockpit.
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The Aircrew lifejacket is worn by pilots and passengers in the aircraft when flying over areas where an over-water emergency might occur. The Aircrew lifejacket is always ready to use with no unfolding or tying of tapes required, so that your exit from the aircraft at the critical moment is a speedy one.

Lifejacket Features. - The lifejacket is worn around the shoulders and is fastened at the waist, by a secure metal harness that is an integral part of the jacket. The lifejacket is adjustable to fit most sizes of adults and is suitable for children down to 135cms in height and 40kgs weight. It is short fitting and comfortable to wear, even when seated for long periods. A hard wearing 1000D Cordura Cover protects your jacket from the elements. The Cordura is trimmed off with retro reflective hemming. Weight: 0.9KG.

Inflation of the Jacket. The Aircrew Lifejacket should only ever be inflated by the wearer outside the aircraft, so as not to hinder exit. The Aircrew Lifejacket has a bright orange polyurethane-coated nylon stole, which is contained, folded, inside a wearer resistant fabric pouch that is closed by a burst-zip. This keeps the inflatable fabric protected until needed. A simple tug on the CO2 cylinder (33 gs) ring pull-immediately inflates the stole and bursts open the zip. After pulling the white toggle, the jacket inflates within seconds.

The jacket is buoyant to 160 Newtons (Minimum 150N), which is suitable for severe conditions. Once inflated, the jacket rights the wearers body to an upright position and keeps the wearers head clear off the water, with a floatation chamber behind the neck as well as over the chest. To aid rescue the life jacket is fitted with strips of retro-reflective tape, an oral top-up valve, a whistle to attract attention, and a light activated by contact with water. Care and Servicing. - Supplied with multi-lingual user manual, quick reference card and service record. An annual service is highly recommended. Replacement Gas cylinders are readably available.

Buoyant to 150 Newtons 33gs CO2 Manual Inflation Minimum Weight 30kg Lifejacket Light

Please Note: When returning Lifejackets or Liferafts for refund, a re-stocking charge will be deducted from the refund to cover the cost of servicing the equipment. This is currently set at £95.00 for Liferafts and £50.00 for Lifejackets.

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