Ambersil Multi-Surface Decontamination Spray

Ambersil Multi-Surface Decontamination Spray
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Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Ambersil Multi-Surface Decontamination Spray

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Ambersil Multi-Surface Decontamination Spray is a versatile, industrial grade, extremely high alcohol content spray (>90% alcohol) which removes germs and viruses from hard surfaces.


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With excellent material compatibility, Ambersil Multi-Surface Decontamination Spray can be used on high touch-point surfaces, to quickly remove dirt, grime and more, leaving the surface residue free, with no water rinse required.

The spray offers a ready to use solution that does not require mixing or decanting, especially useful off-site when away from washroom facilities. The optimised spray pattern guarantees consistent results, evaporating quickly to leave a clean and residue-free surface. 



• Use as a pre- and post-work area hygiene cleaner

• Keep aircraft/vehicle interiors clean: controls/steering wheel, buttons, door handles, seats & switches

• Decontaminates mask strap & safety hat fitting harness (apply to cloth & wipe)


• Forklift truck & warehouse manual handling equipment decontamination

• Production line controls (not touch screens)

• Keeps tools & work stations clean


• Use on door handles, light switches, and other hightouch point surfaces, it is particularly important to test compatibility with some upvc coloured doors

• Decontaminate parcels and deliveries

• Workplace shared spaces: canteens (non-food surfaces), corridors, doors, & rest-rooms


  • Appearance: Transparent
  • Odour: Alcohol
  • Alcohol Purity (IPA): >99%
  • Conforms to Standards (IPA): BS 1595, ASTM D770 and DIN 53245


The product may be stored at normal ambient temperatures and has a shelf life of not less than 6 years with correct storage. Aerosols should always be stored below 50°C, away from direct heat and naked flame.

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