AeroShell Piston Oil

The AeroShell range includes aircraft piston engine oils for a wide range of engines and applications, from GA aircraft through to airline operators. AeroShell Piston Oil W 15W-50 offers fast engine protection at cold start-up for performance in any climate, and AeroShell Oil W100 Plus is the best single-grade aviation piston engine oil available. Shell Aviation has worked closely with leading light engine manufacturer ROTAX to create AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4, which is clean-burning and offers outstanding protection for reduced engine wear, improved performance and a more responsive light aircraft.
Code: 2640CASE
Code: 9460CASE
Code: 4280CASE
Code: 7140CASE
Code: 4350CASE
Code: 1820CASE
Code: 8280CASE
Code: 2675CASE
Code: 2670CASE
Code: 2640
Code: 9460
Code: 4280