Arrow Super Slaks 400ml

Arrow Super Slaks 600ml
Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Arrow Super Slaks 400ml

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Arrow SUPER SLAKS' unique penetrating action aids dismantling of any seized or corroded bolts, nuts, components or assemblies. A combination of fast penetrating solvents and low viscosity oils utilise capillary action to rapidly penetrate tight and corroded threads. This reduces release torque, aids dismantling of components and prevents damage to nuts bolts studs and threads.

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  • Ideal for use in all areas to aid routine maintenance and repair of components, machinery, vehicles, plant and heavy equipment
  • Suitable for use on most metals
  • Super Slaks can be used on tight or corroded nuts and bolts, studs, linkages, splines, tapered shafts, hinges, bearings, farm and industrial equipment etc


  • Do not spray onto hot surfaces or in the vicinity of naked flames or other sources of ignition.
  • Spray liberally onto affected components and allow to penetrate.
  • For optimum penetration position the component to reduce run off and to allow gravity to aid penetration.
  • Suitable penetration is normally achieved in one minute but for large or very tightly seized threads allow up to 10 minutes contact time.
  • Use tightening movement to crack rust, then release.


  • Rapidly penetrates corroded and seized, nuts, bolts and studs, easing release and preventing shearing
  • Contains mineral oils, oxidised waxes and colloidal graphite
  • Powerful heavy duty release agent
  • Suitable for use in mechanical, maintenance and repair applications
  • Film remains effective up to 150°C


  • APPEARANCE: Grey/Black fluid
  • ODOUR: Solvent
  • SOLUBILITY: Insoluble in water
  • FLASHPOINT: (°C) (CONC) -10 CC (Closed cup)
  • SG (CONC) : 0.86
  • PROPELLANT: Hydrocarbon


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