Kilfrost TKS 80 Fluid 5 Litre

Kilfrost TKS 80 5 Litre

Kilfrost TKS 80 Fluid 5 Litre

Code : TKS80-5L

Kilfrost TKS 80 fluid provides anti-icing protection in-flight through the porous metal structure forming a wings leading edge. TKS80 is manufactured to the same exacting standards as Kilfrosts wing de/anti-icers used by leading airlines and airports.

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Kilfrost TKS80 fluid protect the leading edge, propellers and tail surfaces of your aircraft from ice formation. Both the TKS 80 and R328 fluids have been specifically developed and optimised for use with the TKS system. Kilfrost TKS 80 meets the demands of those who require an alcohol-free formulation, while offering excellent de/anti-icing performance. The TKS system itself provides a protective layer of fluid via porous metal structures that form the leading edge of the wing and tail surfaces. TKS80 fluid will cover and melt, then helping to prevent the further adhesion of ice.

TKS80 Features & Benefits

  • Effective and proven product range
  • Dual role of De/Anti-Icing capability
  • TKS80 is fully biodegradable
  • Full de/anti-icing capability down to -60°C
  • Completely non flammable

Kilfrost have been involved in the the development of the concept of in-flight de-icing since the 1940's. The letter 'K' in the TKS system comes from Kilfrost. Present day, much of the fundamentals of the TKS system have not changed.

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