Pitot tube cover blade type

Pitot tube cover blade type

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Forgetting to remove a faded, dull and worn-out pitot tube cover can jeopardise the safety of you and your passengers. Some blade pitot covers also cause damage to paint when the sleeve is being forced on and off.
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This highly conspicuous and very durable Plane Sights Blade Pitot Cover is a perfect fit for any aircraft with a blade-type pitot tube or Piper gear extension mast. 

The Problem: For the Blade Pitot Cover the big issue with other solutions on the market are the Plastic box style which must be forced on to stay which makes it difficult to take off, and removing it often damages paint at the front and back of the pitot over time. The Flag fades quickly, wears out, and shreds in the wind. Pinch-and-insert style blade pitot covers are difficult to install in the cold, which can result in ice and snow contaminating your pitot system.

Plane Sights solutions: Rubberised trim and pull cord wrap tightly around the tube and large velcro strip locks it in place, even on the windiest ramps. Durable reflective flag and fade resistant Sunbrella fabric makes the Plane Sights Blade Pitot Cover extremely conspicuous under all weather conditions.

Fits Piper, Katana, some Rockwell, late Grumman, Lake 250, and most other aircraft with a blade type of pitot tube. 

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