Whelen Microburst I LED Navigation Tail Light

Whelen Microburst I LED Navigation Tail Light

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The Whelen Super bright LED Navigation tail light; the Microburst I is the ideal solution for your Experimental/LSA Aircraft. These 14 VDC Self-contained units need no external power supply and have low current, long life and are very lightweight. The Microburst I is also vibration and moisture resistant and is available with the revolutionary CometFlash system.


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The Whelen Microburst I Tail Mountable LED Navigation Tail Light for LSA/Experimental Aircraft has the following specification:

Nominal Operational Voltage 14 VDC

Typical Input Current: LED Strobe Light (Average) 0.15 Amps LED Strobe Light

(Pulse): 0.80 Amps LED Strobe Light

Flashrate 45± 5 per min.

Tail Navigation Light

 0.2 Amps Total Weight 0.15 lbs.

For Non-Certified/Permit Aircraft Only. Please contact us for more information.

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