Whelen Orion 500 LED Tail Position/Anti-Collision Light

Whelen Orion 500 LED Tail Position/Anti-Collision Light

Code : OR5001V

The Orion 500 Series LED Tail Position/Anti-Collision Light is TSO/ETSO approved and features the latest state of the art technology. This Orion 500 unit is self contained and therefore requires no external flasher boxes. Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and easily retrofittable to the Whelen legacy strobe products.


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The Orion 500 Series is a Tail Mountable LED Position/Anti-Collision Light and has the following specification:

Drawing 71774

Weight 0.28 lbs.

Current Draw 12V / 28V 0.20 / 0.10 Amp (Position) 3.8 / 1.9 Amp (Anti-Collision) Average

Lenses Clear Hardcoated Polycarbonate

Please select 12/28 VDC using the drop down menu. Please contact us for more information.

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