Bose A30 Aviation Headsets

Bose A30 headsets are the latest in cutting edge aviation headset technology. The A30 is the most comfortable, full-featured, over ear headset that they have ever created. The Bose A30 features optional Bluetooth interface and three selectable modes of noise cancellation with talk through communication offering versatility for pilots across all aircraft types, whether that be for GA, commercial or Bizjet. The A30 has a sleek, modern design and is made with materials chosen for strength and durability to ensure stability over hours of use. The Bose A30 is engineered to provide a new level of performance without bulk and clamping force. Additionally, it is FAA/EASA TSO-C139a certified, and available in six different plug configurations and microphone types. Buy the new Bose A30 with confidence from Transair Flight Equipment, as we are Bose Aviation Authorised Sales Partners!