Dream Pilot Classic Universal Mini Kneeboard

Dream Pilot Classic Universal Mini Kneeboard

Code : 7225

The Dream Pilot Classic Universal Mini Kneeboard offers a unique solution. Devices ranging in size from small tablets to smart phones can now fit perfectly on your knee. This ‘one size fits all’ design allows you to remove the clutter from your cockpit. With the ability to adjust your device to the optimum viewing angle, whether that be horizontal, landscape or tilted towards you.


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The Dream Pilot Classic Kneeboard is a universal design compatible with any smartphones (iOs or Android), as well as mini-tablets (size of iPad Mini or similar Android devices), can be easily used. Thanks to adjustable grips with softcover our kneeboard will hold your device firmly with and without a case. Compatible with any brand meaning this one kneeboard will suit your needs for years to come.

Designed with functionality and comfort in mind, the elastic straps enable you to fit the device securely and comfortably to your knee without any hassle. The rotating mechanism allows you to adjust your device to the best angle for you, whether that be portrait or landscape, tilted towards or away from yourself. Perfect for those tight cockpits where space saving is essential.

Dream Pilot are so confident in their products having tried and tested this device with numerous pilots while in development, they offer an extensive 5-year warranty on this device. Giving you peace of mind over your kneeboard. 


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