MyClipKneeboard For all iPad Versions & Tablets

MyClipKneeboard For all iPad Versions & Tablets

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Tablet and phone kneeboard for use with almost any tablet or smart phone with dimensions from 3 in to 12 inand a thickness (including case) up to .45 in.
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The MyClipKneeboard works on all Apple iPads including the iPad Air,iPad Mini and the iPhone 6 Plus! Our updated product design securely holds almost any tablet with a thickness of .45 inches or less.

This innovative product will even hold smartphones over 3 inches in width like the Galaxy Note. Our soft coated clips will securely hold abare iPad as well as one in a thin case. Designed and engineered by pilots, we made the most versatile and compact kneeboard on the market.

From the humble cockpits of the GA community to the cockpits of fighters and the flight decks of commercial airliners, tens of thousands of our product are in use MyClipKneeboard around the world. Buy yours today!


  • My Clip Kneeboard Works with:
  • Apple iPad 1,2,3,4
  • Apple Air
  • Apple Mini
  • Apple iPhone 6 plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 8, I,II, 3


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