AeroShell Fluid 3 - 1 US Gallon

AeroShell Fluid 3 - 1 US Gallon

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AeroShell Fluid 3 is a US and British Military approved general purpose mineral lubricating oil with good low temperature characteristics and a low freezing point. Fluid 3 is also inhibited against oxidation and corrosion.
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AeroShell Fluid 3 is recommended for general lubrication of aircraft parts that require a light oil, eg. hinges, pivot joints, shaft joints, linkages pins and bearings, pulleys, cables, camera mechanisms, radio and radar gear and instruments. Fluid 3 is a relative low viscosity product with good resistance to evaporation which is normally applied by means of an oil can or brush.

AeroShell Fluid 3 Benefits:

  • Good low temperature properties for ease of application
  • Good Resistance to evaporations
  • Provides protection against corrosion and oxidation.
  • AeroShell Fluid 3 is US and British Military approved.

Specifications & Approvals

  • US: MIL-L-7870B
  • British: DEF STAN 91-47
  • NATO: O-142
  • Joint Service Designation: OM-12
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