Arrow Aircraft Cleaner 281 - 20Lt Barrel

Arrow Aircraft Cleaner 281 - 20Lt Barrel

Arrow Aircraft Cleaner 281 - 20Lt Barrel

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Arrow AIRCRAFT CLEANER 281 is a non caustic alkaline cleaner formulated for the removal of all soiling from aircraft exterior surfaces. Aircraft Cleaner 281 complies with AMS 1526C, Boeing D6-17487 and Douglas CSD #1.

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  • Cleaning exteriors of aircraft and helicopters.
  • Suitable also for cleaning aircraft interiors.
  • General grease and oil removal from aircraft components in maintenance, overhaul and repair operations.



  • Dilute 1 part Aircraft Cleaner 281 with up to 30 parts water.
  • Apply by spray, brush or mop, starting at the bottom and working up.
  • Agitate with a soft brush. Rinse residues off with clean water. Do not allow
  • the product to dry on the surface.


  • Apply by a pressure washer or foam generator to give a nozzle concentration of 1:30. Starting at the bottom and working upwards.
  • Leave for a few minutes then rinse away with high-pressure water.


  • Designed to remove residues of oil, grease, grime and carbon from the exterior surfaces of aircraft.
  • Non corrosive to most metals making this formula an exceptional degreaser in production and maintenance areas.
  • Concentrated.
  • Complies with AMS1526C.
  • Suitable for aircraft operators and manufacturers within the aerospace industry.
  • Highly economical in use


  • APPEARANCE: Liquid
  • COLOUR: Straw
  • ODOUR: Mild
  • SOLUBILITY: Soluble in water
  • pH-VALUE, CONC. SOL.: 12.5
  • pH-VALUE, DILUTED SOL.: 11.4 @ 10%
  • FLAMMABILITY: Non Flammable
  • SHELF LIFE: 4 years
  • COMMODITY CODE: 34029090
  • PACK SIZE: 20 litres


  • AMS 1526A
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • Douglas CSD#1
  • Airbus UK
  • Helicopter Services Norway
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