H3R C352TS Aircraft Extinguisher.2.5 lb./1.134 kg

H3R C352TS Aircraft Extinguisher.2.5 lb./1.134 kg
Caution This is a Hazardous Product

H3R C352TS Aircraft Extinguisher.2.5 lb./1.134 kg

Code : H3RC352TS

This popular 1.134kg size large capacity aircraft extinguisher comes with a 12 year cylinder life.

Please Note: These extinguishers are only available for sale in the UK 

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The H3R model fire extinguisher C352TS, is a popular choice pilots and operators, using Halon 1211 for fire control. Primarily used on many smaller aircraft with commercial activities, including; six seater aircraft and twins, light jets, Caravan etc. This extinguisher discharges a halon gas chemical mix which smoothers fire outbreaks with a non toxic gas and has a world leading 12 year cylinder life

    C352TS Halon 1211 Extinguisher Specifications
  • Agent Weight:2.5lb / 1.134 kg
  • Gross Weight: 4.9lb / 2.211 kg
  • Discharge Range: 9-15 ft / 2.7-4.6 m
  • Discharge Time: 10 Seconds
  • Height: 14.5 in / 36.8 cm
  • Width: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm
  • Cylinder Diameter: 3.0 in / 7.6 cm
  • UL Rating: 5B:C
  • USCG Type: B:C Size I
  • Gauge:Included (Standard)
  • Bracket: Double Strap (Standard)

Supplied with a Certificate of Conformity Only

Aviation clean agent fire extinguishers offer the following benefits:

Colorless, odorless and non-staining
Extinguishes hard-to-reach fires
No clean-up required
No impairment of operator's vision
No electrostatic shock to damage avionics
Tested to ANSI/UL 711 and UL 1093 (Halon) and ANSI/UL 2129 (Halotron 1 and FM-200)

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