Bogert Aviation Aircraft Tow Bars

Bogert Aviation Aircraft Tow Bars are manufactured from a steel alloy and finished with a scratch resistant powder coating for the most demanding of situations. This rugged design incorporates foam rubber hand and lever grips for added comfort. 

Manufactured in the USA, Bogert Aviation are so confident in the quality of these tow bars that they offer a lifetime guarantee when used for the intended purpose.

Transair stock Bogert Aviation aircraft tow bars for a number of different aircraft types including Piper, Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Beechcraft and Vans.

Take the strain out of moving your aircraft and order one of our tow bars today!

Code: 04M-172
Code: 04M-22/28
Code: 04M-SR
Code: 04M-RV
Code: 04M-RVA
Code: 04M-35
Code: 04M-DA20
Code: 04M-DA40
Code: 04M-RV10
Code: 04M-SOCATA