Marshalling Wand LED Light magnetic Base - Yellow

Marshalling Wand LED Light magnetic Base - Yellow

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Battery powered YELLOW LED marshalling baton.
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These illuminating Marshalling batons are the ideal tool for use in Marshalling aircraft, Vehicle control, Emergency services, Boating, Crowd control, directing traffic or signalling.

One of the lightest wands on the market which renders heavy flashlights obsolete. You can comfortably perform your job with a wand that weighs in at just 165g (without batteries). Offering outstanding visibility with a visual range of up to 200m.

Added to this the baton has a strong magnet within its base. This additional feature allows the baton to be positioned horizontally or vertically (including inverted) on any metal surface for hands free operation.
Simple four mode push button operation. Flash On, Steady On, Torch On, Off.
Made from lightweight shock and weather resistant plastics.

Product Features Include:
Colour Yellow
Patented polymer/LED combination
Flashing on, Steady on, Torch on, Off
Flash frequency:3.3Hz
Magnetic base
Length 36 cm
Diameter 4cm
Patented polymer/LED combination
Range up to 200m
Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
Weight 165g (without batteries)
Torch (white light) on the tip of the baton
Wrist strap.

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