David Clark K10 Series Helmet

 David Clark K10 Series Helmet

David Clark K10 Series Helmet

Code : 1740

The David Clark Bone Dome Series K Helmet coverts David Clark H10-XX Series headsets into a helmet/headset assembly quickly and easily.

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The Helmet Assembly accommodates an oxygen or breathing mask and a variety of commercially available visors and face shields.The liner of the K10 Series is made from cotton/polyester cloth and nylon mesh, which provides excellent ventilation.

The Bone Dome Helmet's tan-coloured shell is made from a high-strength, lightweight, injection-moulded nylon and then reinforced with energy-absorbing impact pads. The nape pad is a rubber sponge with a soft black leather covering.

The Series K10 Helmet Kit cannot be used with H20-**, One-X, or Pro-X Series headsets.  It cannot be used with any other manufacturers' headsets.

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