Insect Remover 1Lt

Insect Remover 1Lt

Insect Remover 1Lt

Code : 32109

Aero-Sense Insect Remover is very effective and safe for the cleaning of rubber de-icing boots, chromated surfaces, aluminium, TKS-panels, paint, plastics (PVC, PP, PE and polyesters), carbon and stainless steel, plexi, lexan and glass windshields.

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Insect Remover is aviation approved and has Boeing D6-17487 certification.


Spray on the surface and allow 1 - 2 minutes contact time. Wipe off with a soft cloth and rinse off with water. Avoid using the product in direct sunlight. The cleaning instructions in the POH should be respected and checked for conformity with the suggested cleaning products. Insect Remover can be classified as "Mild and Neutral soap".

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