Mobil Grease 33 - 16Kg Pail

Mobil Grease 33 - 16Kg Pail

Mobil Grease 33 - 16Kg Pail

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Mobilgrease 33 is a high-performance, BMS3-33C multipurpose ester free airframe grease with a 10-year shelf life – almost double the life of similar greases. Mobilgrease 33 helps optimize shelf-life management programs, enabling cost savings.

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With a 10-year shelf life – offering more than three times the life of similar-type competitive greases – Mobilgrease 33 grease helps our partners optimize their shelf-life management programs, enabling cost savings.

Mobilgrease 33 is a high-performance, BMS3-33C multipurpose airframe grease formulated with a proprietary blend of polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils and lithium complex soap. Unlike other BMS3-33C greases, this unique formulation is ester-free, providing superior performance and hydrolytic stability, excellent resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation and exceptional wear protection in heavy loaded pressure environments without an offensive odour. Our ester-free blend offers exceptional performance in wet environments to resist water washout and evaporation loss, protecting the grease from the deteriorating effects of hydrolysis.

Features and Benefits

The lithium complex thickener provides excellent structural stability and resistance to water wash-out. Polyalphaolefin base oil is used because of its exceptional thermal/oxidative resistance potential, low volatility, and low-temperature capability. The synthetic polyalphaolefin base oil offers excellent low-temperature mobility/pumpability and very low starting and running torque values. In addition, the state-of-the art additive system in Mobilgrease 33 provides superior rust and wear protection and load-carrying capacity compared to aviation greases that meet the minimum requirements of the MIL-PRF-23827 specification.


Mobilgrease 33 is a true multipurpose aviation grease intended for use in highly loaded anti-friction bearings, gears, and actuators as well as instruments, high speed bearings (not recommended for wheel bearings), and general airframe lubrication, over operating temperatures from –100ºF to 250ºF (–73ºC to 121ºC). It can be used in all applications for which the aircraft manufacturer specifies the MIL-PRF-23827, Type I Boeing BMS 3-33C and Airbus AIMS09-06-002/SAE AMS3052.  Mobilgrease 33 is listed in the Qualified Products List of Airbus, Boeing, and the U.S. Military for these specifications. The NATO Code Number for Mobilgrease 33 is G-354.


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