Universal 26" - Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge

Fuelhawk Universal Fuel Gauge - 26 Inch

Universal 26" - Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge

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This Universal Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge has been designed for use with helicopters, Piper Cubs and other aircraft with deep tip tanks. The Universal gauge can be calibrated to match your aircraft, giving readings in gallons of usable fuel.
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Simply insert gauge into each tank until it touches the bottom, place finger firmly over the opening at the top and remove to read usable gallons. Calibration cards, and simple instructions are supplied with each gauge. Measurements are in US Gallons.

To select which length of Universal Fuelhawk is best for your aircraft, use the following guide. For example, the Universal 11" Fuelhawk has a total length of 11" but the printed scale only extends 8" up the tube. This is ideal for fuel tanks that hold less than 8" of fuel when full.

  • Universal 11" Fuelhawk = 8" Scale
  • Universal 16" Fuelhawk = 12.25" Scale
  • Universal 26" Fuelhawk = 22" Scale
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