Design4Pilots Carbon Monoxide Pilot Controller Kit

Design4Pilots Carbon Monoxide Pilot Controller Kit

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An essential and safety concious kit to provide a personalised Carbon Monoxide Detector.

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This kit provides a personal Carbon Monoxide detector which can be attached to the stopwatch mounting hole on aviation kneeboards.  This gives the confidence of knowing that the detector is in date and not having to rely on an unknown or missing detector in a group or rental aircraft.

Compatibility includes the Design4Pilots range and the Transair range of rigid and folding kneeboards (not the Transair Flip designs).  It will also fit just about any kneeboard with a stopwatch mounting hole.

Additionally, the detector is located in clear sight on the kneeboard so will be visible at all times.

The controller housing opens to reveal a date indicator that will ensure that the Controller Detector Element can be easily checked.

This simple and precise control in form of the PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® stands out from the rest and makes it an indispensable companion for flying safely.

The KIT consists of:

1 Controller holder
1 Kneeboard socket for stopwatch fixture
4 Pilot Controller CO Detector Patches

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