Switlik X-Back MOLLE Air Crew Lifejacket with HEED 3

Switlik X-Back MOLLE Air Crew Lifejacket with HEED 3

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The SWITLIK X-Back MOLLE Air Crew Vest is a newly configured, lightweight crew vest that is a quantum leap in comfort and durability over its predecessor the HV-35. The X-Back MOLLE has room to attach all of your accessories and includes as part of the package the HEED 3 emergency breathing apparatus. This vest was specifically designed for constant wear in the seated position in your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

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The MOLLE System - Space to attach everything.

The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) system lets you customize your vest with the accessories you need. Accessories are located to the sides rather than midsection allowing more room for shoulder and lap belts, for added comfort when seated. As accessories are added, their weight is distributed on the shoulders and off the neck, greatly increasing comfort for the wearer.

HEED 3 Emergency Breathing Apparatus

The Helicopter Emergency Egress Device 3 (HEED 3) manufactured by Submersible Systems Inc, is a compact, lightweight and reliable self-contained breathing apparatus. The HEED 3 is designed to increase the survivability of aircrew in short-term out-of-air emergencies.

  • Provides lifesaving air needed to egress from a downed aircraft or a rolled vehicle in the water
  • Ideal for all helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, float planes, watercraft and vehicles that operate around possible water emergencies
  • Protects personnel from inhaling dangerous and lethal toxic fumes from fire or smoke
  • Includes Dial Gauge that displays accurate pressure readings in increments of 200 psi
  • 'Always on' regulator is ready to deliver life-saving air in an underwater or toxic air environment
  • Refillable via optional scuba tank or air compressor adaptors
  • Supplied with black holster for attachment to lifejacket

Signature X-Back Design

The X-back design allows the vest to contour to your shoulders, lowering the profile, increasing comfort, and improving range of motion. The weight of the vest and its contents is moved away from the back of your neck and evenly distributed across your shoulders, reducing fatigue. The adjustable X-Back straps provide enough range to make this vest one size fits all.

A low-profile design

A unique proprietary interior cell folding technique combined with our open V-Neck design removes the bulk from your neck and reduces interference with your helmet. Thoughtful design has moved the components away from your chest to increase comfort and avoid interference with safety restraints.

Security & Visibility

An integrated grab handle allows wearers to be pulled to safety in a search and rescue scenario. The reflective material will make sure that the wearer is seen, whether the vest is activated or not.

Breakthrough Zipper Enclosure

The Switlik Zipper closure keeps your inflatable vest secure at all times. The simple reliable dual breakaway design provides immediate inflation when activated, and can easily re-closed if needed. Backup oral inflation tubes are conveniently located on either side of the vest and easily reached through the side access flaps.

Simple deployment with our new beaded handle.

High visibility red beaded handles are found on both sides of the vest for simple activation. They incorporate a breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging.

Nomex/Kevlar comfortable and safe.

The exterior cover is constructed from a blended Nomex®/Kevlar® Rip-stop weave fabric. The material is extremely soft and comfortable to wear, and is breathable to reduce thermal burden with better venting properties. The Kevlar component provides excellent durability, while the Nomex gives you the in-cockpit fire protection you want.

Key Features

  • Signature SWITLIK X-Back ergonomic design for superior comfort in the seated position
  • HEED 3 emergency breathing apparatus with holster
  • One-size-fits-all: Maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of sizes
  • Dual opening zipper design
  • Designed to transfer the load away from your neck
  • Twin chamber inflatable cell with two oral tubes
  • Built in locator light & emergency whistle
  • Storage pockets for excess webbing
  • Breathable protective cover fabric for reduced thermal burden and increased durability
  • Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system permits customization of vest with accessories.
  • Low profile design virtually eliminates interference with your helmet
  • Integrated grab handle allows wearers to be pulled to safety in a search and rescue scenario.



2.38 lbs (1.08kg)


Over 35 lbs

Inflation System:

Two 18g CO2 cylinders

Cover Fabric:

Nomex®/Kevlar® Blend


Cobalt Blue


1-1/2in webbing conforms to MIL-W-17337



Servicing 2 years


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