Ambersil Amberclens Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner - Trigger Spray 750ml

Amberclens Trigger Spray 750ml
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Ambersil Amberclens Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner - Trigger Spray 750ml

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Amberclens is a water based cleaner for the removal of in-service soiling from hard surfaces and interior materials of aircraft including paint, metal and plastics. 

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This multi purpose anti-static foaming cleaner based on a blend of surfactants, solvents, inhibitors and water, making it iIdeal for cleaning a wide variety of electrical and aerospace equipment. Amberclens is ideal for cleaning stubborn or ingrained dirt where water is not readily available and is suitable for use on business machines and office equipment, domestic appliances, worktops, walls, machinery, plant and equipment, cabinets, casings, formica, vinyl and leatherette upholstery. Apply from a distance of 6" - 9" (15 - 25 cm). Leave for 10 - 20 seconds and wipe away with a clean, damp cloth.

Amberclens Features:

  • Quick and easy to use, spray on and wipe off
  • Removes tough and stubborn stains such as grime, dirt and nicotine
  • Safe for use on plastics, metals, painted and glazed surfaces
  • Anti-static formulation which reduces the attraction of airborne dust
  • Foaming action limits over application and waste
  • Meets Military specifications
  • NATO catalogue Number: 6550-99-2125987
  • Fitted with 360 dg spray system for all angle use
  • Available in a non flammable version as Amberclens NB (Code 6160002000)

Amberclens Technical Data:

  • Appearance: White foam
  • Odour: Perfumed, anti-septic
  • Military Spec: NATO Catalogue No. 6550 - 99 2125987
  • Discharge rate : 1.55 g/sec
  • SG @ 25°C : 0.91
  • Alkaline Balance: pH : 10
  • Pressure @ 25°C : 4 Bar

N.B. Not for use on live equipment. Do not apply directly onto keyboards or similar equipment. Always test a small, inconspicuous area for colour fastness before general use.

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