Lightspeed ZULU 3 Headset

The Lightspeed ZULU 3 Headset has been designed and manufactured by Lightspeed to offer a technologically advanced Active Noise Reduction (ANR) aviation headset that is engineered to provide you with the quietest possible environment with unparalleled comfort and crystal clear communications.

The ZULU 3 is compatible with FlightLink™, Lightspeed’s free in-flight cockpit recording application for Apple iPad and iPhone. With full Bluetooth integration, enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity and wireless access to critical audio alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices.

As a result of this technological advancement, pilots using the Lightspeed ZULU 3 can enjoy a safer and more comfortable flying experience. Performance ear seals, sturdy cables built around a Kevlar core and an industry-best 7-year warranty, make ZULU 3 the most enduring headset Lightspeed has ever assembled.