Ambersil Amberklene ME20 400ml

Ambersil Amberklene ME20 400ml
Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Ambersil Amberklene ME20 400ml

Code : 31554-AA

Amberklene ME20 is a highly effective degreasing agent with controlled evaporation which allows for increased contact time giving excellent performance on heavy deposits of oil, grease and tar.

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Amberklene ME20 contains no CFCs or other chlorinated solvent so is an ideal alternative to 1,1,1 Trichloroethane and is suitable for use in industrial and aviation engineering applications that require a stronger degreaser with a longer contact time.

Amberklene ME20 Features:

  • Heavy duty cleaner for extra stubborn stains and soiling
  • Removes heavy deposits of oil and grease, waxes and silicones.
  • Controlled evaporation
  • Superior wetting properties ensures extended contact time with soiling
  • Leaves a clean dry surface
  • Safe for use on ferrous and non ferrous metals and some plastics
  • High flash point +41 C

ME20 Technical Data:

  • Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid
  • Odour: Perfumed
  • Freezing point : Below -50°C
  • Discharge rate : 2.5 g/sec
  • Evaporation rate : 0.2 (with respect to Butyl Acetate)

Also suitable for use in numerous other industries including: Aerospace, Offshore, Moulding, Electric Motors, Automotive, Printing, Light and Heavy Engineering, Agriculture, Marine, Sewing and Upholstery. ME20 sufficiently cleans plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, evaporating to leave a clean, dry surface. Drying can be accelerated by wiping or using an air lance.

N.B. May affect certain plastics. Always test a small, inconspicuous area before general use. Ensure electrical equipment is switched off before cleaning.

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