Arrow Shield NF 5Lt

Arrow Shield NF 5Lt

Arrow Shield NF 5Lt

Code : 75275L

Shield NF is formulated to provide excellent thin film corrosion prevention. It can also be used as a de-watering fluid, flushes away residues of oil, grease and other contaminants and acts as a deep penetrant into threads and mechanisms. Shield NF is classified as non-flammable and has a light fragrance.

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  • Protection of components, machined surfaces and equipment from corrosion during storage or transit.
  • Protection of manufactured items in production environments to prevent corrosion, aid assembly and ensure items remain in original condition following storage.
  • Displacement of water from electrical and ignition systems.
  • Release of tightly corroded components, nuts and bolts during maintenance and repair.
  • Routine lubrication of mechanisms, switches and contacts during maintenance.


  • When reinstalling electrical components and/or switches, rinse to remove the protective film with Lotoxane® Fast. Allow to drain and fully air dry before reconnection.
  • Shield NF may be applied by spraying onto and around the component.
  • For release of nuts and bolts allow a short contact time following application to ensure total penetration. It is often better to tighten nuts slightly to crack the rust prior to unwinding.
  • Shield NF may also be used for immersion of components in trays or diptanks. This is particularly effective when using Shield NF as a corrosion preventative in production situations.


  • Highly effective corrosion preventative and moisture displacer.
  • Also a versatile penetrant and light lubricant.
  • Classified as non-flammable.
  • Use in trigger, low pressure spray or in dip tanks applications.
  • Suitable for use in mechanical, electrical, assembly, fabrication, maintenance and surface treatment applications.
  • Film remains effective up to 150°C.
  • Resists up to 100 hours salt spray.
  • Pleasant odour.


  • APPEARANCE: Liquid
  • COLOUR: Brown
  • ODOUR: Light fragrance
  • SOLUBILITY: Insoluble in water
  • SALT SPRAY: Up to 100 hours
  • BOILING POINT (°C): 155°C
  • FLASH POINT (°C): >62°C
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