Funke ATR833RT OLED Remote Head

Funke ATR833RT OLED Remote Head

Code : ATR833RT

Funke ATR 833RT OLED Remote Head/Control for use with the ATR833-II OLED Transceiver.

£525.00 Inc VAT (£437.50 Ex VAT)
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The Funke ATR833RT Remote Control enables full remote operation (from the rear seat) of the ATR833-II Transceiver. Supplied with full cable set. Fits a standard 57 mm cut out, only 45mm deep (without connectors). Weight 200g.

Note: Operation of the ATR833-II radio via the ATR-Remote Control Unit is identical to operation on the radio itself.

Key Features

  • Remote Control for the remote operation of the ATR833-II VHF Transceiver
  • Ideal for tandem seated aircraft
  • Automatic deactivation of remote control on deactivation of radio
  • Use of radio still possible without activation of remote control
  • Fully transparent remote control – everybody sees what the other does
  • Direct access to the 20 frequency memories of the remote controlled radio, including their names
  • Easy recall of the 10 last used frequencies
  • Easy installation – plugin of one connector only
  • High contrast OLED display - 128x64 dot matrix

Connection Using the Provided Cable Set

Simply connect one D-SUB connector to the ATR-Remote-Control and the other D-SUB connector to the mating connector of the remote controlled radio’s cable set. The ATR-Remote-Control now gets the power from the remote controlled device; thus it’s operation relies on the operation of the remote controlled device.

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