Yaesu Tranceiver Intercom PA200Y

Yaesu Tranceiver Intercom PA200Y

Yaesu Tranceiver Intercom PA200Y

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Portable Voice Activated Aviation Intercom – same as the PA200 but designed to plug straight into Yaesu/Vertex radios such as the VXA-220 or VXA-300 handheld transceiver without requiring a headset adapter, includes PTT switch.

Not suitable for the VXA-710 and any other models with the screw-in adapter socket

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The Pilot PA200 MiniCom breaks new ground in size, ease of operation and price in 2 place voice activated portable intercoms.

All you have to do to use your Pilot PA 200 MiniCom is place a 9 volt battery in the battery compartment, plug in your headsets and turn the volume control to on. The squelch knob is usedto compensate for background noise levels and should be set so that the intercom's voice activation turns on the intercom audio when you speak at a normal voice level.

To use with a hand held radio, the plug on the PA 200 MiniCom should be plugged into a compatible radio. The press-to-talk switch supplied should be plugged into the PTT socket on the front of the PA200 MiniCom.

Your PA200Y should have come with the following components: PA200 MiniCom wth plug suitable for Yaesu (Vertex) radios with push-in socket


  • Prewired for Yaesu/Vertex VXA-220, VXA-300
  • mono
  • on/off volume switch
  • adjustable squelch
  • remote PTT
  • 9V battery powered
  • 7.5cm x 6cm x 3.5cm
  • fail safe
  • 3 year warranty
  • weight: 0.32 kg
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