Bose A20 Aviation Headsets

Bose A20 Aviation Headsets are sold with a 5 year warranty and FREE delivery to UK addresses! The best selling Bose A20 is engineered to enhance your flying experience by providing exceptional noise reduction, comfort, clear audio, optional Bluetooth connectivity and easy intuitive operation.

The Bose A20® headset gives you 30% greater noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets, meaning that by using a Bose A20 you’ll enjoy a peaceful flight from short stops to long hauls. With the Bose A20 weighing just 340 g, coupled with sheepskin cushions and minimal clamping force, it is one of the lightest and most comfortable aviation headsets you’ll find. All designed to let you focus on what matters—flying.

Buy your Bose A20 with confidence from Transair Flight Equipment, as we are Bose Aviation Authorised Sales Partners!