Sporty's Flight Gear Bi-Fold Kneeboard

Sporty's Flight Gear Bi-Fold Kneeboard

Code : 6367A

The perfect compromise of size and organisation

This compact kneeboard has room for the essentials, but won't take up much space in the cockpit or flight bag. The Flight Gear Bi-Fold Kneeboard provides a solid writing surface and space for commonly used items, like checklists, nav logs, and charts. Plus, elastic straps are attached at the corners and are perfectly spaced for holding an iPad mini.

Measures 14.5" x 10" open; 7.5" x 10" closed.

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  • Sturdy, reversible clipboard - use kneeboard on either leg
  • One zippered storage compartment
  • Two flat pockets
  • Accepts Sporty's Gear Mods
  • One pen loop
  • Padded back
  • Elastic leg strap
  • Customise your kneeboard with Gear Mods
  • Measures 14.5" x 10" open; 7.5" x 10" closed

The side flap of Sporty’s Flight Gear Bi-Fold Kneeboard is constructed with a soft felt material. This allows you to attach Gear mods, perfect for adding additional storage pockets as needed. Or, put Velcro® on your favourite in-flight accessory for quick access.

Convenient clipboard

Clipboard is printed with quick reference placard information, including basic VFR weather minimums, mandatory IFR reports, airport traffic light signals, flight plan sequence, ICAO phonetic alphabet with Morse Code, transponder codes, emergency engine checklist and cruising altitudes. Clipboard is reversible so the kneeboard can be oriented in either direction on either leg.

Flight Gear HP Bi-Fold Kneeboard

Exterior has an ID slot and chart pocket. Special slot allows you to fold the right flap underneath the kneeboard when not in use.

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