How to Fly a Plane - DVD

How to Fly a Plane - DVD

How to Fly a Plane - DVD

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Whether you're an armchair pilot, a computer flight simulator pilot or an airline or military pilot of the future, the How To Fly A Plane is for you.
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Perhaps you've flown as a passenger, been to an airshow, used a computer flight simulator and asked yourself the question, "Could I learn to do it for real?"

The short answer is yes. Most people can be taught to fly. But to be safe and legal, you have to do a course with a recognised flight training organisation. However, if you want to know how to fly a plane and understand what is going on in the cockpit at all stages of flight, this DVD will show you. Throughout all the video sections, you will be guided by Boeing 767 pilot and Civil Aviation Authority Instructor and Examiner, Lee Hearn.

The aircraft you will learn to fly is a Piper Warrior, one of the most popular training planes in the world. On this DVD you will learn how to check out the aircraft, start up, taxi, take-off, fly manoeuvres, navigate, fly on instruments and then make a safe landing.

Each section is designed to build on your knowledge as you progress. Filmed in High Definition, but playable on any DVD machine and from up to 7 camera positions inside and out, this is a must for flying enthusiasts everywhere.


  • How a plane flies
  • Preparation, start-up & taxiing
  • Taking-off
  • Flying the plane
  • Navigating your way around
  • Flying on instruments
  • Landing the plane
  • Aircraft checklists


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