Transair TPS-1 Flight Computer

Transair TPS-1 Flight Computer

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This version of the Transair TPS-1 Flight Computer is not fitted with the 'wind arm' but has all of the great features included in standard model.
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The TPS-1 Flight Computer is designed for the student or PPL pilot and covers all the requirements for the UK PPL exam syllabus.

Supplied with a smart embossed leathercloth wallet carry case and comprehensive instruction leaflet. The Transair TPS-1 has been produced using a unique colour scheme which research has shown minimises confusion and makes the TPS-1 the most user friendly flight planning computer money can buy.

Calculations include: Speed, Time, Distance, Weight, Fuel, Pressure and Density Altitude, Conversions, Heading, Drift, Wind calculations and much more.

Pilots will find this a great added feature that not only prolongs the life of the computer but also makes it easier to use! Your brand new TPS-1 flight computer will be safely protected in it's smart embossed leathercloth wallet. The wallet also incorporates a separate pocket for the in-depth and diagrammatic instruction leaflet that comes with your computer.

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