Wilco Radio VFR + IFR FRTOL Training Platform

Wilco Radio VFR + IFR FRTOL Training Platform

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The Wilco Radio FRTOL VFR + IFR Training Platform offers a simple, intuitive and fun way to learn CAP413-compliant radiotelephony.  This onetime purchase offers lifetime access to help you pass your FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence) exam or if you are already an experienced pilot simply brush up on your radio skills.

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Wilco Radio is the most advanced radiotelephony training platform in the world. Using AI speech synthesis and recognition technology, we help you learn and practice RT as if you were really sitting in the cockpit.

Learn how to communicate with ATCOs, FISOs and radio operators , using your own voice, custom aircraft types/callsigns, and even your own aerodrome.

The Wilco Radio classroom modules take you from beginner to pro, teaching you clear, concise radiotelephony procedures that follow all of the CAA’s SRG1171 training syllabus. Every module you will be required to know is covered to ensure you pass your FRTOL with flying colours, including:

- Aircraft radio equipment

- General phraseology

- Departure, en-route, arrival, and circuit procedures

- Emergency procedures

Build your confidence and memory with quizzes that follow the same format as the FRTOL examinations. A selection of practice practical test routes enable you to perform a wide range of procedures that follow the exam format, and include departure, CTR Transits, MATZ penetrations, emergency situations, go-arounds, circuit procedures, and more. Download help sheets, audio lessons, videos and other resources to help you become a proficient, confident communicator.

Completing the course enables you to download a Certificate of Completion and completed SRG1171 form ready to hand to your training provider for final sign off.

With your purchase, you receive lifetime access to Wilco Radio, so you can brush up on your skills whenever you want, for as long as you want, to keep up to date of the CAA’s CAP413 changes or continue to build upon your skills for life.

Wilco Radio is the perfect platform for learning aviation radiotelephony, and will turn you into a professional and confident communicator

Please note: This item is non-refundable once redeemed. Wilco Radio is a web-based platform, and is accessed through any modern browser on a Windows or Mac device. Please note that due to technical limitations with speech synthesis and voice recognition, students are advised to use Chrome or MS Edge on their device, preferably desktop, laptop or larger tablets.

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