Elite PI-135 IFR Training Package

Elite PI-135 IFR Training Package

Elite PI-135 IFR Training Package

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This pack includes the Elite Pro Panel II digital flight console with MEL levers, Flight-Link hydraulic rudder pedals and Elite AP-3000 Avionics Panel with LED indications.
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The flight consoles includes the yoke and throttle quadrants combined into one piece unit, plus they add more functionality and training capability with additional procedural switches. Flight consoles have procedural switches such as; magnetos, starter, battery, alternator, avionics master, fuel pump, nav and landing lights etc.

These additional switches all function with Elite's high resolution aircraft models and allow instructors and flight chools the ability to train students on additional procedures from startup to shut down. This system is recommended for instructors and flight schools that want complete procedural training capability for instrument students and the possibillity to train non-instrument students on general aircraft procedures.

This package is supplied with all single piston engine aircraft and the Seneca & Baron Multi-Engine aircraft. It is designed for Flying Clubs or the serious IFR pilot who wants to keep current.

The PI-135 Desktop includes:

  • ELITE Basic ATD XTS software
  • ELITE Pro Panel II
  • ELITE Pedals
  • AP 4000 Tower Avionics Panel with GNS 430W/530W GPS
  • Multi-Engine Lever Throttle Quadrant

The ELITE Basic ATD XTS soft­ware includes the fol­low­ing aircraft:

  • Beech Bonanza A36
  • Beech Baron 58
  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 182S
  • Cessna 182RG
  • Mooney M20J
  • Piper Archer III
  • Piper Arrow IV
  • Piper Seneca III
  • King Air B200 (King Air Quadrant Required)
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