Transair PPL(A) Study Pack - Fixed Wing

Transair PPL(A) Study Pack - Fixed Wing

Transair PPL(A) Study Pack - Fixed Wing

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Transair has put together the perfect study pack for the PPL (A) student private pilot. Designed to include all the PPL study materials required to complete your Private Pilots License.

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The Transair PPL (fixed wing) Study Pack includes the following:

Set of 6 Trevor Thom's Air Pilot Manuals

  • 1: Flying Training.
  • 2: Aviation Law & Meteorology.
  • 3: Navigation.
  • 4: The Aeroplane Technical.
  • 6: Human Factors & Pilot Performance.
  • 7: Communications.

Also Includes:

  • CAA/NATS aviation chart of your choice.
  • Transair Pilot's Flying Logbook.
  • Transair TPS-1 Flight Computer with Wind Arm.
  • TR-2 Folding Kneeboard
  • Transair Traveller Pilot's Flight Bag.
  • 16" Navigation Ruler Transair.
  • Navigation Round Protractor.
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