Transair PPL(A) Study Pack - Fixed Wing

Transair PPL(A) Study Pack Bundle
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Transair PPL(A) Study Pack - Fixed Wing

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We have completely redesigned our PPL Study packs to include everything you could possibly need to pass your PPL. The packs include premium products, such as, the Design4Pilots Rookie Kneeboard and quality flight bag essentials like our High Vis Jacket and Fuel Tester as well as the core training materials; the Air Pilot Manuals. We have tweaked the contents to ensure you receive the best quality equipment for your money. Furthermore these packs represent a large saving over buying the items induvidually which would cost over £300! The packs are also highly customisable; you can select chart/no chart options and choose between a TPS-1 or CRP-1 Flight Computer. Please see what is included below.

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Flight Computer:
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The TRANSAIR PPL (fixed wing) Study Pack includes the following products:

Set of 6 Essential Air Pilot Manuals:

  • 1: Flying Training.
  • 2: Aviation Law & Meteorology.
  • 3: Navigation.
  • 4: The Aeroplane Technical.
  • 6: Human Performance & Operational Procedures.
  • 7: Communications.

Also Includes:

  • CAA/NATS UK Chart of your choice.
  • Transair Private Pilot's Flying Logbook.
  • Transair TPS-1 or Pooleys CRP-1 Flight Computer.
  • Design4Pilots Rookie Kneeboard.
  • Transair Traveller Pilot's Flight Bag.
  • Transair 16” Scale Navigation Ruler.
  • Transair 5” Square Navigation Protractor.
  • Lumocolour Pen Pack.
  • Hi-Vis Jacket.
  • Transair Aircrew Keyring.
  • Standard Fuel Tester.
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