RC Allen RCA22 Vacuum Horizon

RC Allen RCA22 Vacuum Horizon

Code : 7872BK14VLIT
The RC Allen 22 series vacuum gyro horizon has an air driven precision gyroscope to present the pilot with pitch and roll information through a full 360°.
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The RC Allen RCA22 shows the horizon as blue for sky and brown for earth. It has been designed with a mechanical caging function to immediately align the gyro and protect it during maneuvers. Such a pictorial presentation leads to faster interpretation of the aircrafts attitude.

RC Allen RCA22 Features:

  • The 22 series of instruments meets or exceeds FAA TSO C4c
  • Pitch indication range +/- 85 degree minimum
  • Pitch Trim Range + 10 degrees to -5 degrees (clime to dive)
  • Altitude Operation -1,000 ft to +40,000 ft
  • Backlight
  • Warrantee 1 Year
  • Dimensions 3 1/8" Dia
  • Weight 2.7lbs

Supplied with a 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate

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