Bigatmo - Meso Titanium Frame - Photochromic Lens

Bigatmo - Meso Titanium Frame - Photochromic Lens

Bigatmo - Meso Titanium Frame - Photochromic Lens

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Bigatmo MESO sunglasses have advanced copper P20 photochromic lenses that have been developed during hours of flight deck testing and pilots feedback. Pilots testify that in high contrast environments they work superbly.
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Bigatmo MESOs Gunmetal Sculpted Titanium Frames are specially designed to remain comfortable for many hours whilst wearing a headset. Tested with flight deck useage and pilot feedback and developed in conjunction with some of the most influential companies in the optical world and with access to technologies at the forefront of the industry, Bigatmo produce lenses that take care of problematic high contrast environments allowing your eyes to relax, reducing eye fatigue. Our lightweight sculpted titanium frames remain comfortable for many hours even under a headset.

Alutra Photochromic lenses are optimised for high contrast environments, such as flying and driving, where it can be extremely bright outside but where instrumentation is in deep shade. The photochromic element is activated by UV light and so rarely activates on an airliner flight deck due to the thick windscreens. UV penetration into other cockpits and car interiors depends on the screen material and the sun-lenses will activate and adjust accordingly. When you are out and about the lenses will adjust automatically as you move between bright and shaded environments. This acts like suspension for your eyes and keeps them really relaxed.

Lens Technology:

  • All our lenses are made from NXT. They are light-weight, incredibly strong and have superb optical qualities
  • Our bespoke photochromic Alutra lens has been optimised to deal with high contrast conditions such as the flight deck of an aeroplane or whilst driving a car.
  • The high speed lens is the fastest on the market to deal with changing light conditions so your eyes feel permanently relaxed.
  • The photochromic material is intergraded into the core of the NXT lens and cannot wear off.
  • Our lenses provide true colour perception, important when reading instruments on the flight-deck of an aircraft.

Frame Technology:

  • Adjustable soft silicone nose pads.
  • Slim adjustable temples.
  • Pure titanium is used in the rims and all parts of the frame where rigidity is important. Its ultra-lightweight, very strong, extremely workable, corrosion resistant, hypo-allergenic and has a beautiful natural finish.
  • Beta-titanium, a titanium alloy, is used primarily for the temple of our frames. Its spring properties apply just enough pressure against the side of the head to keep the frames securely in place.
  • Weight of just 20g.
  • Every Bigatmo frame is hand polished and hand finished, making each one unique.

These lenses have a multi-layer light gold mirror finish. Highly advanced mirror finish ensures the lens properties remain unchanged. The mirror finish is purely for cosmetic purposes.

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