Switlik Coastal Passage Raft (CPR) - 6 Person With Inflatable Floor

Switlik Coastal Passage Raft (CPR) - 6 Person With Inflatable Floor

Code : 9612

The CPR Coastal Passage Raft has set the standard for lightweight and fully featured life rafts. With class-leading features, it is with great pride that SWITLIK offers the CPR as the FAA TSO approved commerical/public version of the raft designed for and adopted by the US Coast Guard for their helicopter operations.

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The CPR is the commercial version of the raft designed for and adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard for their Helicopter Operations. This professional grade life raft is now available for general aviation. Catering to both the fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the CPR is TSO-C70a Type II approved.

Multiple boarding stations to get in quickly

Boarding a life raft can feel daunting. The CPR makes it as easy as possible with four (4) boarding stations. The CPR comes standard with four (4) wide, stiffened rung ladders that make it easy for someone to climb over a single tube.

Fluid water entry when there's a need for speed

In the event that people are getting into the raft from the water, whether the canopy is furled or the arch tubes are up, you can get multiple people into the raft, fast. Even when wearing an inflated life jacket.

The SWITLIK signature convertible canopy feature also allows passengers from any generation to quickly get off your aircraft and safely into the raft. Multiple entry points reduce the need for anyone to get in the water.

5-Year Service Interval

Unlike any other raft on the market, the CPR comes standard with a 5 year service interval. This extended service interval helps to reduce the overall cost of life raft ownership. SWITLIK accomplished this in a responsible manner through the combined use of our patented and military proven hermetically sealed packaging system and compressed air inflation. This better protects the raft’s materials and provides excellent cold weather inflation performance versus traditional CO2 inflation systems.

Be confident your raft is ready

With SWITLIK’s air charge inflation system, there is now a visible “go/no go” pressure gauge that lets you know your raft is ready to deploy. Time sensitive survival equipment is packed in an external pocket allowing for updating without the cost of servicing the actual life raft.

Soft Valise Case:

  • Weight: 39 lbs. (18.1 kg.)
  • Dimensions: 22 in. L x 13 in. W x 10 in. H
  • Material: 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura
  • Case Color: Orange

Life Raft:

  • Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 12.83 in. (32.58 cm.)
  • Freeboard: 12.83 in. (32.58 cm.)
  • Inflated Raft Dimensions: 84.79 in. Width at flats
  • (91.77 in. at corners)
  • Floor Area (Total): 20.1 sq. ft. (1.87 sq. m.)
  • Buoyancy in Fresh Water: Total: 1,114 lbs. (505.3 kg)
  • Buoyancy in Salt Water: Total: 1,143 lbs. (518.5 kg.)
  • Cylinder Charge Pressure: 3,000 p.s.i.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +160°F
  • Inflation System: Air
  • Buoyancy Tube Fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon

Standard Features:

  • Internal Buoyancy Sleeve
  • Painter/Static Line (length, 35 ft.)
  • Lifelines (inner)
  • Lifelines (outer)
  • Reflective Patches
  • Topping off/Pressure Relief Valve (2)
  • 4 Reinforced Floating Boarding Ladders

Standard Equipment:

  • Water Activated Exterior Locator Light
  • Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)
  • Heaving Ring and Line
  • Raft Use Instructions/Owner’s Manual
  • Floating Knife
  • Waterproof Solar Powered Flashlight
  • Manual Inflation Pump
  • Repair Clamps (2 ea.)

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